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Room 1 / Archaeology

In front, a vein of gold and a lot of waste rock nearby. Little light, first from rush lights, then from electrical bulbs. A pickaxe, then a motorized borer, then other and other tools. More than everything, a hard and dangerous life, rewarded from time to time with a lucky finding. A nugget, a small fortune, sometimes spent in the surface casinos or invested in a house which is now fighting limbo.

In few words, this was the life of the locals, over the last 2,000 years. We know much more about it due to “Alburnus Maior” National Research Program (2001-2006), initiated by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and coordinated by the Romanian National History Museum.

The first archaeological exhibition in Roşia Montană includes archaeological materials from the most important areas discovered or researched with RMGC support. These include objects fromTăuCorna, Ţarina, Hop-Găuri or Pârâul Porcului necropolises, part of the archaeological inventory of the funerary monument from Tău Găuri, as well as funerary architecture elements or materials from the inventory of the Roman administration buildings (found inCarpeni protected area) or the archaeological, habitat structures, researched and scientifically valorized through “Alburnus Maior” monographic series.