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Gold of the Apuseni Mountains - 360° Virtual Tour

The story of house no. 325, in the Central Square, is similar to the story of Rosia Montana. The pace of history is simple here: decades of prosperity followed by years of obscurity and decay. These rooms were once filled with potions, cures, medicines for miners and their families. We are told this by a medallion representing a snake coiled around a cup, the symbol of pharmacies everywhere.

The year of the first dating is 1874, but only in 1910 the documents mention also the name of the owner: Vasile Tomuș. His daughter, Maria Gruber, inherited the house, and in 1948 it turned it from pharmacy toa drinking house, based on the license entitled to by war widows. Later, the ground-floor of the building had all sorts of commercial destinations, while the floor was kept as a living area. Just like Roşia: life at the surface, work in the underground.

Roșia Montană Gold Corporation (RMGC) became the owner of the building on September 29th, 2003, when it purchased it from the 5 owners, the legal heirs of Maria Gruber. The building, not inhabited, was in a highly advanced decay, including the structural frame being seriously damaged, we can say that, without a quick intervention, the history of house 325 would have come to an end.

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