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Roșia Montană: present and future (VIDEO)

February 2013

Gold has always been the fate of Rosia Montana. The 2000-year old mining tradition is a proof in this regard and a motivation for this community to have a future worthy of the oldest mining settlement in Romania.

Rosia Montana was born and grows from mining. After many centuries when the exploitation was carried out underground, the State-owned company started surface mining, in open pit quarries, in 1970. The closure of the activity, in 2006, left behind an unclean area, deserted quarries and polluted waters.

By modern mining, the past regains its dignity, and the people their hope. Today, Rosia Montana looks confidently towards a prosperous future. The restart of the mining activity means jobs, a clean environment and valorized heritage, things that the residents of Rosia Montana have been patiently waiting for years.

Through mining, Romania will become the leading gold producer in the European Union. The investments proposed by the mining project will turn Rosia Montana into an international mining and tourist centre.

We invite you to visit the Rosia Montana of tomorrow: green, prosperous and alive!