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Assistance to the community from Roșia Montană

According to the RRAP (The Action Plan for Relocation and Resettlement), all the families benefit from the following forms of assistance during the relocation/resettlement process:

  • Assistance for relocation: transport of the belongings to the new house, recovery and transport of the material goods from the house sold to the company;
  • Monitoring and support depending on the difficulties appearing in the relocation/resettlement process, by the Relocation Support Programme.

Community Assistance



1. Financial counselling

  • Providing options and solutions for proper money management, so that the beneficiaries can make a wise financial decision, depending on their real needs and their further financial possibilities.

2. Real estate and legal assistance in buying a new property

  • Ensuring access to real estate consultancy services, as a means of  support to the beneficiaries to identify the best alternative to acquiring a property according to their needs, aspirations, and financial power to acquire and maintain the property
  • Upon request, legal assistance in carrying out all sale-purchase formalities.


Primary social services:

  • Identifying difficult/vulnerable situations;
  • Measure to prevent or limit difficult or vulnerable situations;
  • Information and counselling on rights and obligations.

Specialised social services:

  • Socio-medical care services/support services (help to prepare food or food delivery, purchases, housekeeping, attending persons in the transport means, facilitating outdoor movement, company management and administration, leisure activities)
  • Support services for enrolment with a family doctor and a free set of medical checks offered by RMGC, in addition to the one granted through the social health insurance system.

2. Employment and vocational training services

Job-club services aimed at training skills in:

  • Drafting a CV;
  • Drafting a letter of intent;
  • Personal marketing;
  • Contacting potential employers by phone;
  • Preparing for and participating in a selection interview;
  • Negotiating salary packages.

Labour market mediation services:

  • Supporting the beneficiaries in finding a job suitable for their training and personal aspirations (information on vacancies, conditions to be fulfilled in order to occupy them, assistance in obtaining a job);
  • Vocational training services;
  • Vocational training courses (qualification, requalification).

3. Consultancy services for start-ups:

  • Business registration;
  • Support with credit;
  • Support in accessing grant funds.

4. Assistance and support services in carrying out the legal formalities for document registration in the new location:

  • Drafting the needs checklist;
  • Informing the beneficiary of  documents to be changed, and contracts with utility providers;
  • Support in obtaining and filling out the required documents;
  • Assisting the beneficiary in the process of obtaining all the required documents, in accordance with the needs checklist.