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Community development from Roșia Montană - summary

The direct economic and social impact of the project is felt notably in the communes of Roşia Montană and Bucium, as well as in the town of Abrud. These localities and others from the Roşia Montană project area have a long-lasting mining tradition, and are strongly affected by the current situation. In fact, mining disappeared with the closure of the two state exploitations, RoşiaMin and Cupru Min, leaving people from the area unemployed. As a result of the acute lack of jobs, people - especially the young ones – are leaving the area for developed urban areas in the country or abroad. Consequently, the area is going through a continuous depopulation and demographic ageing process.

At the community level, the Roşia Montană Project will generate the following benefits:

  • Jobs – the mining project will create over 2,300 direct jobs during the mine construction phase, 800 direct jobs during the exploitation and 3,600 jobs in total during operation;
  • The revenues to be earned by the employees will be twice as high as the average salary earnings at the level of the national economy;
  • New jobs will be created by: the development of businesses in the area as a result of the acquisition policy pursued by RMGC, the outsourcing of services and the increased buying power of the population;
  • Major contributions to the local and state budgets, which will help develop public utility investments in the area.
  • Development of a modern infrastructure, which can also be utilized after the project is over;
  • Micro-crediting facilities and proper training programmes meant to foster entrepreneurship in the area;
  • Valorisation of the historical and cultural heritage as a result of the archaeological research programmes financed by the Company.

Economic development alternatives like agriculture and tourism can only be envisaged as additional income sources for the people who do not work in the industry or services. The agricultural potential is favourable to livestock husbandry, but in order to ensure a decent living, this activity requires investments, knowledge and especially a paradigm shift and changes in agricultural practices, which is not easy to achieve. Assuming that all conditions are met, agriculture alone cannot provide a livelihood for the people in the area.

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