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The future resettlement site in Rosia Montana

By its very initial concept – designed so as to develop a Central area of public institutions and services, while also being an inhabited area, the future resettlement site of Rosia Montana was the main objective of the Company’s strategy to encourage the families in the area affected by the project to remain in Rosia Montana.

As the future civic centre of Rosia Montana will be built on the premises of the future resettlement site, in addition to the residential area, a major criteria in choosing the location was for it to be accessible from all the villages of the commune. 

The Central Area of the site will include public buildings, the mayoralty, the police, the post-office, a bank, the church, the school, the kindergarten, a multifunctional centre, a museum, a dispensary, a pharmacy, commercial spaces, entertainment areas or amenities for tourism development in the area, a hostel, a hotel, an area to organize fairs, sports activities, a gym, a skating rink, a football field, a park, playgrounds for children.

In order to improve the community’s capacity to develop a non-mining economic sector in the future, the future resettlement site of Rosia Montana was also designed as a future tourist village, its concept being proposed by specialists in the sustainable development of mountainous areas. The project is trying to combine traditional architecture and the community’s aspirations to have access to public institutions, modern social and cultural services. The designers also tried to maximize the natural landscape where the future buildings are to be located.

In order to preserve the community and the social relationships networks within the community, the company is encouraging the families within the project impact area to opt for resettlement, by providing a number of benefits – for those who choose a new building in the future resettlement site of Rosia Montana, RMGC will pay 25% of the total construction cost (inhabitable house), whereas the owner will pay only 75% of the total house cost.

Furthermore, RMGC will conclude sale-purchase and exchange agreements, undertaking to provide a job for at least one family member in the mine construction stage.

By developing the new resettlement site, the Company aims at developing a model rural community in this area, which means short-, medium-, and long-term benefits for the community, increase of attractiveness and leveraging of the tourism potential, development of cultural and industrial tourism, as well as other opportunities by which the area’s potential can be sustainably valorized.

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