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Recea neighbourhood in Alba Iulia

Recea neighbourhood is the outcome of the joint vision of RMGC and of the community, based on two shared key principles:
"The community must stay together” and “We want to move, but to the better”. 

To date, 125 families have chosen to become citizens of Alba Iulia, opting for one of the types of houses built by RMGC in Recea.

At the beginning of the consultation process for the resettlement site in Recea, the Community Relations Department organised visits to Alba Iulia – Recea and gave the families the opportunity to choose (reserve) their land plot – before making the decision to sell their property in the project impact area. In order to maintain the social relations network, all the options were taken into consideration, allowing the community to rebuild their social and community support structures. The Company focuses on change management, so that the gain achieved by higher living standards is not associated with the loss of values, traditions and community culture. Both resettlement sites were designed so as to preserve these values and maintain community togetherness.

RMGC held intense consultations with the stakeholders, for all the decisions related to the location of the resettlement sites, the projects of the resettlement neighbourhoods, or the house models.

Built in an expanding urban development area,  the Recea neighbourhood was inaugurated in May 2009.

Recea neighbourhood in numbers:

• The total investment in the Recea project amounts to more than USD $32 million;
• The project was developed from scratch on an area of about 24 ha;
• The land was acquired by RMGC in 2003 – 2004;
• All legal obligations, regulations and standards were strictly observed;
• All the 1670 persons having worked on the site were trained in  occupational safety;
• Over one million hours of work on the site without incidents;
• Infrastructure works started from scratch, requiring the development of the water, gas, power and sewage utilities, which are fully underground;
• The neighbourhood includes over 13 km of sidewalks and roads;
• The entire infrastructure was handed over to the municipality of Alba Iulia.

What we have done for the community: 

• Permanent consultation with the community;
• Measures to encourage resettlement;
• Individual visits and consultations with the families, out of which  changes were made to the houses based on their opinions;
• Identification and analysis of each family’s needs prior to the resettlement process;
• Documentation of the community culture, creation of a database (oral archives) and encouraging the community to continue their traditions and customs at Recea;
• Events such as Open Days on the inauguration of the construction and of the first houses, where the local authorities from Rosia Montana and Alba also participated;
• Information to all relevant local authorities with regard to the resettlement process. 

RMGC provides ongoing support to the families who are in the process of resettlement to Alba Iulia, by:

• Legal assistance/property deeds for the new house and related land;
• Utility contracts;
• Occupational counselling and counselling for the development of income-generating activities;
• Enrolment of children at the kindergarten level and follow-up of school adaptation;
• Assistance for professional reconversion;
• Change of identity documents;
• Transfer of social benefits files;
• Registration with the family doctor;
• Relations with local authorities for solving identified problems and needs.

The Resettlement Information, Orientation, Counselling and Support Office were set up in Recea at the beginning of the construction period. The specialised staff of the Community Relations Department will follow up on the social and economic integration.

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