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Benefits for the Romanian State (at US$1,200/oz gold and assuming a 25% state share)

The project will bring an estimated $ 5.3 billion into the Romanian economy at an assumed gold price of 1,200 USD per ounce: 2.3 billion - the direct benefit of the Romanian state.

The Romanian State benefits from the Roşia Montană mining project from three sources:

  • The 19.31% interest it currently holds in RMGC ensures a proportional share from the profit obtained as a result of the project, with the estimated benefits based on an equity interest of 25% in RMGC for the Romanian State and an increased royalty to 6%.
  • Mining royalties levied for the resulting gold and silver production, payable to ANRM (National Agency for Mineral Resources).
  • Taxes and duties on profit, salaries, properties, excise duties, exploitation fees and others.

In addition to these direct financial benefits, the Romanian State benefits from the project’s economic direct and indirect impact. Thus, the mining project will create over 2,300 direct jobs during the mine construction phase, 880 direct jobs during mining operations and 3,600 jobs in total during operation.

The logistic facilities necessary for the project, respectively roads, infrastructure, houses, schools, public utility services, are built by the investor and belong to the community.

Furthermore, RMGC will rehabilitate the environment in the area both during and at the end of the project. In addition, the company ensures environmental rehabilitation by depositing the necessary financial guarantee, especially for this purpose, from the very beginning of the project.


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