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Project economic benefits (at US$1,200/oz gold and assuming a 25% state share)

The business plan of the mining project provides for total benefits of approximately 5.3 billion dollars for the Romanian economy. 

Out of this amount, 2.3 billion USD will go directly to the State budget. These funds include the dividends obtained by the Romanian State, which current holds 19.31% of the RMGC’s assets, (estimated benefits based on an increased direct interest to 25% as proposed by the company in 2013 as part of Governmental negotiations), royalties paid by RMGC, as well as other taxes and duties paid directly to the local, regional and national State budget.

The remaining 3.0 billion USD will be spent in Romania for human resources, construction, electricity, materials, transportat, reagents, spare parts and others. These amounts are a direct investment in the Romanian economy and will reach the workforce, entrepreneurs and Romanian companies which will provide products and services for RMGC, during the construction and operation phases. 

 Income distribution of Rosia Montana mining project

The investment necessary to develop the mining project in Roşia Montană is around 2.7 billion dollars, covering initial exploration, design and permitting phases, the construction phase, mine development and closure phases.

The estimated benefits take into account an average price of 1,200 dollars / ounce for gold and 20 dollars / ounce for silver. 

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