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Economic impact of Roşia Montană Project

Roşia Montană Project represents a direct investment of more than two billion dollars in the Romanian economy. In the community where it takes place, the project will have a significant economic impact, as it will create direct and indirect jobs, will open new business opportunities and make major contributions to the local and central budgets.

In order to make sure that the economic benefits of the project return to the community we belong to, we, at RMGC, have implemented a policy whereby we give preference to local suppliers. By this policy, we want to support the development of local entrepreneurs from the commune of Roşia Montană and the neighbouring communities.

Also to support local investors, RMGC created Roşia Montană MicroCredit, a micro-finance institution intended to help local entrepreneurs. Considering the current status of the Roşia Montană Project, the activity of the MicroCredit has been temporarily suspended but will be resumed when the right moment comes.

Another important benefit of the project is job creation at the local and county level. In this area also, RMGC encourages the employment of workforce mainly from the community impacted by the project, i.e. the commune of Rosia Montana and the neighbouring areas. As the Roşia Montană Project will generate over 2,300 direct jobs in the construction phase, the benefit for the local and county community is extremely important.

In order to make sure that we will bring a significant benefit to the community by creating new jobs, RMGC organizes regular vocational training courses for the members of the local community.