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Air quality in Roșia Montană

Documents:  Air Quality Management Plan - 2006

At Roşia Montană, we want the air to have the same quality throughout and after the mining exploitation. Therefore, we have designed the project so as to ensure that the impact on the air is controllable and that the legal limits are complied with

The main pollutants associated with the mining activities are dust and the exhaust gasses from mobile equipment and vehicles. Therefore, we are going to take several measures in order to mitigate their impact on air quality, as follows:

RehabilitationMaintaining air quality by watering the roadsMaintaining air quality by watering the roads
  • We will progressively rehabilitate the lands, as soon as they are affected.
  • Equipment and vehicle wheels will be washed when going out of the plant.
  • Vehicles transporting earth and aggregates will be covered with tarpaulins.
  • Access roads, site roads and working platforms will be always maintained clean.
  • The aggregates (rocks) and the earth will be sprayed with water.
  • Vehicles will drive at a limited speed.
  • Dust-producing activities will be stopped when there is strong wind or when the automatic dust monitor indicates an alert situation.
  • Use of diesel fuel with low sulphur content.
  • We will avoid, to the extent possible, that heavy vehicles circulate through the localities.
  • Air quality will be monitored permanently.
  • We will use modern blasting technologies, so that the dust particles will not go up in the air as high as with traditional blasting, most of the dust settling in the immediate proximity of the blasting area.
  • The ore will be sprayed with water during strong winds and extended drought.
  • The material from the tailings management facility will be humidified all the time in order to mitigate the erosion effect of the wind.