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Biodiversity at Roșia Montană

Documents:  Biodiversity Management Plan - 2006

With regard to biodiversity, we aim for the Roşia Montană project to have a net positive effect during the mine rehabilitation period and a minimum negative impact during the construction period.

Citadel career as a result of state holdingsRehabilitationEcological corridors

As a result of the mining operations in the Roşia Montană area over 2000 years, especially the surface ones performed during the communist period, the project perimeter is found in an area which lacks a redevelopment from the point of view of biodiversity. We will revitalize the area in terms of biodiversity in the mine rehabilitation phase.

RMGC will take measures to reduce the impact on biodiversity, including:

  • Planting 1,000 hectares of forest in the place of the approximately 250 hectares necessary to be deforested. The planting of the 1000 ha will be made before the deforestation of the forestry areas.
  • We will conduct rehabilitation and progressive vegetation operations, throughout the duration of the project.
  • Setting up of a network of vegetation corridors inside and between the environmental protection areas, to enable species migration.
  • We will reduce tree cuttings and other disturbances during the mating period of birds (April-July).
  • Installing microhabitat facilities for birds, small mammals, reptiles and batrachians.
  • Performing restoration/set up of water flows.
  • Planting native species alongside river banks and other water streams, to ensure the necessary conditions for mating and the migration corridors necessary for the fauna.