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Noise and vibration at Roșia Montană

Documents:  Noise and Vibration Management Plan - 2006

We strive to limit the noise and vibrations caused by the mining exploitation, so as not to affect the mining staff, visitors or inhabitants of the settlements located in the project’s proximity. Furthermore, we are careful about the state of the buildings, including those with cultural or historical value, which can be sensitive to the effects of vibrations.

Ongoing monitoring of noise and vibrationOngoing monitoring of noise and vibration

This is why we have already taken a series of measures to reduce the impact of noise and vibrations, including:

  • Sensitive points (over 20) were identified and established as monitoring points for noise and/or vibrations
  • A detailed plan was drawn up to adjust the blasting charges, so that the quantity of explosive necessary for blasting will be gradually reduced near sensitive areas
  • Anti-noise shields will be applied to the drilling equipment and other equipment with high acoustic power levels
  • Protection barriers (noise and vibrations) will be used as specific protection elements – earth berms at least 5 meters high
  • Works will cease near the inhabited areas at night


Blasting in every open pit will be limited to one per working day. Night blasting will be forbidden. Detonations will be postponed or avoided during periods of unfavorable weather conditions (for instance calm weather, fog, abrupt temperature changes, unfavorable wind).

Ongoing monitoring of noise and vibrationOngoing monitoring of noise and vibration

According to the practices used in all modern mines across the world, we will implement a thorough program to monitor noise and vibrations and, depending on the needs, prevention / correction measures will be applied.

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