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Alburnus Maior monographic series

Publication of scientific volumes (bilingual versions in Romanian and English) within Alburnus Maior monographic series. Five scientific research volumes have been published so far, while another 14 will follow in the near future (in Romanian and English):

  • Alburnus Maior I – Results of the preventive archaeological researches between 2000-2001 – published in 2003
  • Alburnus Maior II – Funerary Monument from Tău Găuri – published in 2005
  • Alburnus Maior III – Roman necropolis from Tăul Corna – published in 2008
  • Anthropos I – Roşia Montană. Ethnological study – published in 2004
  • Anthropos II – Roşia Montană Exploitation. Economic investments and social-cultural realities (1919-1948) – published in 2007
  • C. Tamas – Structures of endogenous breccias (breccia pipe – breccia dyke) and metal and rock composition of Roşia Montană deposit, Metaliferi Mountains, Romania – published in 2008

The results of „Alburnus Maior” National Archaeological Research Program were presented during various conferences, roundtables, workshops and prestigious national and international exhibitions.