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Benefits of Roşia Montană project for the cultural patrimony

  • Restoration of the Historical Centre of Roşia Montană (boarding houses, cafés, restaurants, local traditions, entertainment areas) and of all protected areas and cultural heritage assets, all to the public benefit.
  • Set up of the Mining Museum in Roşia Montană.
  • Arrangement of Cătălina-Monuleşti gallery as a museum.
  • At the experts’ recommendation, making of exact copies of certain mining works to be used efficiently from an educational and tourism viewpoint.
  • Restoration of the funerary monument from Tău Găuri as well as in situ preservation of the vestiges discovered in Dealul Carpeni (a Roman settlement) and rehabilitation of the underground water draining system in the mining sector of Păru Carpeni for subsequent public and scientific use.
  • Conservation of Piatra Corbului area.
  • Further publication of the scientific results of archaeological and historical researches, as well as architectural and ethnographic studies.
  • Organization of an integrated tourist circuit of all protected areas and linking it to the national and international circuit.
  • Other indirect results:
    • Staff trained in the field of cultural heritage.
    • Alternative jobs for the people in the community of Roşia Montană (entrepreneurs who will set up small businesses, as well as services like tourist guiding, restoration works, maintenance of houses classified as historical monuments, presentation of traditional activities/lifestyle, administrative/maintenance activities for the protected area, cafés, boarding houses, carpentry shops, blacksmith shops, actors playing scenes from RM’s history - Roman/medieval soldiers).

All these will bring major benefits for the community, proving that modern mining and tourism may coexist.

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