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Roşia Montană, the future tourist area

The "tourism without industrial development" option for Roşia Montană does not appear to be viable in itself and definitely pales in comparison to a gradual tourism development plan, accompanied by infrastructure investment, that is possible in parallel with the development of the Roşia Montană mining project.

Roşia Montană Gold Corporation (RMGC) has commissioned a study to establish the method to promote tourism and approach tourism-related aspects in an integrated manner.

When the mining project ends, the Historical Center of Roşia Montană will be restored and it will include a modern mining museum, hotels, restaurants and a modern infrastructure. The mine galleries restored and equipped as museums (e.g. the one from Cătălina-Monuleşti), the restored/preserved monuments such as the one from Tăul Găuri, the protected areas Carpeni, Piatra Corbului, Păru Carpeni - all will represent tourist attractions. „In addition, it is understood that the Government will act at the local level to encourage economic growth" (see Roşia Montană Initial Proposal for Tourism, Gifford Report13658.R01).

In this context, the specialized company Gifford and Geo-Design (both from the UK) have conducted a feasibility study related to the cost estimation for the arrangement of Cârnic massif for the public. This study concluded that a museum-like organization in compliance with the regulations in force would require more than 151 million euros, while costs exceed 1 million euros/year for annual functioning. Thus, their recommendations and those of the archaeological research team are to preserve and arrange remarkable areas such as Cătălina-Monuleşti, Păru Carpeni, Piatra Corbului as museums, a full set up proving to be non-sustainable from an economic point of view. This document is part of the answers of independent specialists to the public’s questions and may be fully studied within the volumes Annex EIA, in volume 49.

Tourism in itself is not a panacea for sustainability and, indeed, if it is incorrectly practiced, it may bring heavy costs and consequences to the local social situation and the environment. Tourism is only one of the aspects of sustainability, in addition to other sectors of activity. "The picturesque land of the “moti" completes the potential of mining tourism. Significant investments are, however, required for an economically sustainable tourism industry in order to attract a large number of tourists. These investments are less probable, considering the current situation of Roşia Montană. The Roşia Montană Project offers the range of economic activities able to address the current situation and develop a proper tourism infrastructure, together with entrepreneurs and other interested stakeholders.

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