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Approach to Sustainability at Roșia Montană

The RMGC mining project was thought of as a development engine for the entire community of Roşia Montană. We believe sustainability is a guarantee for our contribution to the long-term welfare of the community and the society in general, the impact being measured not only in economic terms, but also from a social and ethical point of view, as well as in terms of environmental protection.

Our vision is to create value for all the stakeholders through:

  • Efficient management of the environment where the mining project is to be developed;
  • Preservation of Roşia Montană heritage;
  • Securing employment at the local level
  • Development of infrastructure;
  • Better access to health, educational services and cultural activities 

More precisely, we want the inhabitants of Roşia Montană to benefit from a protected, clean and safe environment, better infrastructure and assistance services at least as good as in the most developed communities of similar size from Romania. With regard to the infrastructure, they should benefit from efficient transportation, electricity, sources of drinking water, good roads, street lighting, modern communication lines with the rest of the country and proper stations for wastewater and waste treatment. The inhabitants should be encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial skills in order to contribute to the development of the community. Youngsters should have access to education, training and job opportunities, in order to be able to participate in the life of the community. The elderly and persons with disabilities should be provided with the assistance they need.

All these initiatives can already be found in the company’s actions. The strategies have been developed with a medium- and long-term perspective in mind, while RMGC is doing its best to support the community and solve immediate needs.

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