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More than just business at Roșia Montană

Achieving the performance objectives depends on the continuity of our project and development license, as well as on the provision of long-term benefits for our shareholders. However, we want to develop a mining project which is not only viable from an economic point of view, but also responsible. Our project will be as well-performing as its development and implementation will take into account caring for the community and environment.  

By integrating sustainability practices in our activity, we strengthen our planning capacity and long-term viability. Thus, we can:

  • maintain our license to operate
  • identify the risks associated with our activities and adopt the most appropriate measures to mitigate these risks
  • improve our performance and efficiency, as many key aspects of our project are related to performance in terms of sustainability and
  • attract and retain highly-qualified workforce (for instance, by providing safe and healthy work conditions, people development programs and non-discriminatory working environment, as well as by observing human rights and local culture)

By integrating sustainability practices in our activity, many social and environmental benefits may also be obtained. We can contribute to the creation of a sustainable community with a better living standard. In addition to the growth we bring to the economy, we can help in preserving biodiversity and building higher trust within the community. 

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