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Community development from Roșia Montană

RMGC is committed to promoting the sustainable development of the community, through a wide range of programs aiming at improving the living standards, solving education-related issues, developing employment skills, providing assistance for the elderly, health, job and business creation, as well as ensuring the protection of the area’s archaeological heritage.

Our relationships with the community can be classified in two categories: initiatives for community development and social initiatives in the community.

The activity with the biggest effect on the community is the relocation and resettlement process.

The studies to assess the social impact and the consultation process for resettlement began in 2000. The implementation of the property purchasing process began in 2002 and continued until February 2008, when it was stopped because of the suspension of the Environmental Assessment Review. The house purchasing program has been designed so as to comply with the standards of the World Bank, according to the “willing buyer/willing seller” principle. Up to now, 98% of the house owners within the community have gone through the property analysis process.

At the close of 2008, the company has purchased 794 residential properties, offering the relocation or resettlement option. People who wanted to sell their properties are free to move wherever they want with the incomes thus obtained or may purchase a new house at a reduced price in one of the two resettlement locations: one in Alba Iulia, and another one in a new community which is to be built in the Roşia Montană – The new relocation site in Roșia Montană.

The two resettlement options have been developed so as to meet the community’s interests and aims. We have taken measures to encourage people not to move away, in our effort to reduce the impact of this process and maintain the community’s cohesion and local culture. Such measures include:

  • covering 25% of a house construction price in the new relocation site;  
  • covering 50% of the land purchasing price in the new relocation site; 
  • designing the houses to be built in the central area of the new relocation site in consultation with the inhabitants, and
  • providing at least one job for each resettled family in the Project construction phase;


Key Highlights - Recea

The entire infrastructure was completed in December 2008 and approvals have been received from utility providers.

We started the construction of 123 houses in November 2008.

The construction of 37 houses was completed in December 2008.

Work have lasted for 18 months, without any work accidents. Over 1400 people worked on-site at a given time.

In June 2009 we met our goal of completing all 125 homes and handing them over to their new owners.


Info The New Relocation Site in Roșia Montană 

The development of the new relocation site is currently in the permitting phase. The project includes up to 200 new houses and modern facilities, with traditional architecture. The site will have a community medical centre, a modern school and a sports field, as well as municipal and commercial buildings, and even wireless internet connection for the communities located on top of the mountain.

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