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Support programs for relocation and resettlement in Roșia Montană

To prevent any inherent problems during the relocation and resettlement transition period, the company is developing a series of support programs to help the relocated or resettled families to overcome any inconveniences.

  • Preliminary assistance and orientation for families – preliminary search for schools, jobs, training services, social and medical services;
  • Assistance for moving and transport – two trips (sometimes more than two) for family members, personal belongings, animals, objects saved. Assistance for registering at the new location (necessary documentation, connection to utilities etc.);
  • Assistance for life restoration – financial counseling; real estate and legal assistance for buying a new house and agricultural lands in the new location; social services; job search services; vocational training, education fees, consultancy services for start-ups and
  • Continuous support for the families, by keeping in contact, identifying problems, fulfilling social functions and establishing community networks.


In compliance with OP 4.30 of the World Bank, RMGC – by the Action Plan for Relocation and Resettlement – provides increased attention and special assistance, through protection measures – including to the vulnerable individuals or families who live in the impact area, but do not own properties. The following categories may pay a symbolic rent or live free of charge on the properties sold to the company by their rightful owners.

  • Elderly, poor persons
  • Households maintained by poor, single women
  • Persons with disabilities or poor people suffering from chronic diseases


Community involvement in the process

We have consulted with the community throughout all process phases, offering them the opportunity to have their voice heard. Examples of communication and involvement include:

  • Gazeta, an informational newsletter for publicizing the public meetings and providing feedback on the decisions made etc.
  • Frequent community meetings, convened either by us or by the community members;
  • Constant interactions with every family to discuss people’s feelings and opinions;
  • Daily visits to the Community Relations Department to enable an informal dialogue and provide information on various topics, such as rules and procedures, information about the Project, legal counseling, if the properties are eligible for purchasing, support for resettlement and relocation etc.
  • Meetings of the top management with the community members, upon request;
  • Formal claim mechanism and
  • Visits at the resettlement site, open houses and events within the community.

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