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Economic Impact of our Activities in Roșia Montană

Roşia Montană Gold Corporation’s Roşia Montană Project will have a significant economic impact, regardless of the standards we refer to, which operates in a small community.

Economic impact means more than just being capable of generating profit. It includes the value generated by the activities we conduct every day, together with our partners and contractors, and namely, payment to employees, suppliers, or various taxes to the State. Thus, we can encourage the creation of development opportunities at the local level, through what we do.

First of all, we have committed to support the sustainable development of the local business environment and of social projects by resorting as much as possible to local suppliers. Thus, purchases from local suppliers are a priority, followed, in order, by regional and national ones.

Furthermore, the economic value we generate and distribute within the community comes also from:

  • Local suppliers
  • Job creation at the local level
  • Stimulating micro-financing
  • Tax payment

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