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Commitment to the environment from Roșia Montană

We recognise that the long-term development of the Company depends not only on good relations with the community, but also on the capacity to establish new environmental responsibility standards. In this regard, we are striving to:

  • Integrate environmental considerations in all our activities and make sure that our employees fulfil their responsibilities properly;
  • Establish and maintain a management system to identify, monitor, control and improve the environmental performance of our activities;
  • Finance independent audits in order to assess our environmental performance in relation to our objectives;
  • Comply with all the applicable laws in Romania and the EU, subject to the reporting requirements and other obligations, such as those set out by the EU Directive on Mining Waste and the EU Water Directive;
  • Use best available techniques (BAT) in all our operations and activities in order to enhance environmental protection in all the operating phases of our mine and make sure there are sufficient financial resources to fulfil all of our environmental obligations and commitments, including re-integration of the exploited areas in the natural circuit;
  • Implement efficient and transparent communications with stakeholders with regard to the environmental aspects of our activities, and encourage public debate on environmental matters;
  • Co-operate with national and international institutions and organisations in order to develop efficient, cost-effective and environmental-friendly measures.


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